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I am Joanna!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I am Joanna, and I hope I can make this a really nice experience for you. This blog came from my constant need of asking a lot of questions, most of them on whether I should or shouldn’t do one thing or another. I have looked around the internet for a place where people can find answers about whether they should or shouldn’t do different things, but it seems that with all its vast content and billions of websites, the interweb didn’t have such a place. So here it is! Hope you guys like it.

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Find out where I stand in terms of family relations and how to deal with family members


Here’s what time has taught me in terms of business and relationations around the office


I consider myself a healthy person and I am very interested in healthy living. Here’s how I got here


I have visited over 30 countries around the world and I try to go somewhere each year. Here’s my knowledge

And a lot more. I basically talk about anything and everything on this blog. I hope you like my content and it helps you in any way, because I usually go over topics that had a strong impact on my life

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